Monday, December 20, 2004

Hide 'n seek 'n destroy…

The ingenuity that has destroyed everything and has set up these juxtapositions that Amazon explored is the same ingenuity that will ultimately save us. Pretty please!

So Andy and I started making our second film this weekend. We did some brainstorming over the distance that we recently endured. Okay so Andy moved away to Boston and left me relatively (that is meet up once a week with) friendless here in this vast and heartless city. The powers that aren’t are hopelessly attempting to remedy this with spotty light rail systems and HOV lanes. That is what you get when you found a city on black gold in the big T. In other words greed is detrimental to the intimacy of landscape. So anyways back to my discussion, for me these two films are a release from this tension that is the “real world” in which I now find myself and I am starting to adapt to. Never fully accepting of anything of course. I accomplished this expression in the first film “Amazon” (Chainsaw massacre) through juxtapositions of many variations. On the obvious and grand scheme of things we touched on nature versus the machine that is run by automated society. There is no central force or defining impetus, it’s just a momentum all its own ticking until the end of time. Or at least the time where someone is counting time itself. The film touches on the hope to transcend it all but it beats its own head against the wall of chaos and freewill. The sequel, which isn’t, in which we are now working on has it focus on the human species well separate from its environment. The set is kept monotonous, repetitive, and monochromatic for this reason. We are wrapped up in an upside down world that only makes sense on the verge of sleep or death or life or waking. This edge creeps its way into everything I do or touch or create or consume which I am trying not to do. If only everyone thought this way. It would be the end of creating and consuming as we know it, devouring itself and making us whole again. Anyone for some tea?


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