Monday, January 10, 2005

As you shake and shake...

Her words cut like terror
that’s all you can gather
even in pleasure
you still can’t get over

the sound of the glass
as it shatters the silence
and trips the switch
then the bitch starts to twitch

and these cold lifeless gasps
they seem to get louder
the darkness is coming
you better start running

the pictures hung gently
they’re darker than leather
the blood in your hair
it matches your sweater

do you have a fever
the kind where your under
the weather is laughing
the freezer wails waiting

the sparks of the sky
bring out your eyes
your just out of fuel
be kind to be cruel

I got that backwards
But let’s move on forward
Your just outta time
Your gonna be fine

The rap at the door
The slippery wood floor
The boards start to snicker
Beneath the soul of my slippers

The door hole is watching
The spot light shines empty
I can’t feel the ground
Then I turn around

She chews at my ankle
It kind of tickles
And it’s ironic too
For the month she's my food

Her eyes are so pretty
All soft from the movie
And wet teary eyed
And I can’t decide

Romance her tonight
Or have our last fight
Or sing her to sleep
She won’t thud a peep

Tomorrow we dance
The next we have sushi
The man in the moon
Helps light up the room

I’m getting tired
But it doesn’t now matter
I’m sleep deprived
So pardon the lies

The truths in the stomach
And I live deep in it
The hearts where we’re born
But not if it storms

And if it rains
And it’s your first day
The way things appear
You will die from the fear

Or slay cause you can’t
Find solace in silence
The sun never shines
In the darkness you’re fine


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