Tuesday, January 18, 2005

New release 2-2-05

Well my solo album is coming out in a couple of weeks 2-2-05. This sounds great and all but it only matters in this imaginary world I've created called A-attack Records, now extending it's tentacles into this uninhabited world. The connotation of the name is quite disgusting and the traffic is even bleaker than the name, but the album turns its back on all of this. It takes pieces of the most precious people in my life and paints a perfect portrait of them all, creating this one being that is my friend, thus the significance of the number two. Let’s just call him Ernie. It’s something to hold onto when I sit in my room for hours slaving over 3-9 minutes of sounds to fill the void that was born when creating the previous song. Oh this vicious cycle that is creation when I should be out celebrating life. It’s just as dangerous as consumption I figure but I pride myself on the previous. Thanks everyone... and have an early listen here at the “secret” site. I’m not sure if that makes this all the more appealing or revolting, probably the latter. http://www.johnpaulgarland.com/gravity.htm



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