Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Thanks to a upbeat happy song

Cd release party today. Yes it is a farewell to winter and I see no shadows. Yeah.

Moving on, yesterday it was raining, freezing, and the cars on the freeway were in slow motion. The unbroken lines created by the cars trailed off into eternity, vanishing to their designated points, and to break them was punishable by death. The anonymity behind the faded clarity and pouring shards allowed for such cut throat behavior. The cold in their bones controlled the lot of them and to this I chalk up the rest. The oscillating sounds then entered my soul. Suddenly I noticed a blimp atop the public storage was trying to escape, bounding this way and that, wearing a slight smile from the extra weight he was bearing. The pessimistic flags were finally free while the birds were relaxing, waiting while their baths were filling. The sun had the day off and the sky was aloud to dress down. The moisture in the air was finally born after the gestation of the sun. The resulting finite litter showed me the world right side up and magnified it so I barely had to open my eyes. For these reasons my mind was at ease and the less thought the better. I could finally utter a smile because there was not a smile for miles. The whole entire world was blue but not me as is usual. Suddenly I was bright orange from a kind, pat on the head from the sun that lit my existential day.


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